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The Lovely Ladies of the Wild Side
Shaks Baskette (Shaklans Padron NA x PR Exotic) 1994 chestnut mare
Shaks Baskette
(Shaklans Padron NA x PR Exotic, by Bask Flame)
1994 Chestnut Mare
eeAA, SCID/CA clear
Shaks Baskette & Dina Wild have a long history together.  She was bred by Lyle & Maureen Canum of Lake Breeze Arabians, Holland, MI.  She is sired by Brazilian Junior National Champion Stallion Shaklans Padron NA and out of the Buckeye Top-8 Mare PR Exotic.  Dina trained and showed her in her weanling futurities.  She was sent for training under saddle and was leased for breeding to Kim Hogan, producing a colt by Ali el Din.  Dina & Baskette were reunited while Dina was in vet school for a summer of riding and then again upon graduation when both moved to southeastern Michigan.  She was trained lightly in dressage until relocation to Washington and injury ended her saddle career.  Baskette was bred to Antham in 2009 and produced the colt Requiem WSA, found on Wild Side Arabians' gelding page.  She gave us the lovely filly Burlesque WSA sired by KM Bugatti, listed below.
Pacific Eyes (Bunny)
(Om el Shahmaan x Pacific Echo by Echo Magnifficoo)
2010 Chestnut, sabino, rabicano Mare
Bunny (as she is known since she was born on Easter Sunday) is an exceptionally solid bodied young mare.  She is sired by National Champion Stallion AOTH Om el Shahmaan and out of National Top Ten Mare AOTH Pacific Echo.  She is the maternal sister to Canadian Reserve National Champion, Marwan al Magnifficoo.  A special Thank You to Stan Keeter of Midcrest Arabians and Mr. Lee Melchi for the opportunity to own this lovely young mare. 
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Burlesque WSA
(KM Bugatti x Shaks Baskette, by Shaklans Padron NA)
2013 Grey (base bay) filly
SCID & CA clear by parentage
You've got to love it when your broodmare actually takes to heart (and uterus!!) that little whisper in her ear when you tell her what you wish she would produce.  Baskette listened and delivered exactly what I was hoping for with this filly!  Sired by National Champion KM Bugatti, Burlesque is a lovely addition to Wild Side Arabians.  She is as sweet as she is refined, with an absolute tea-cup muzzle but the attitude that will serve her well in the show-ring.  She will grey out over time; from pictures of her sire at comparable ages, she'll turn steel grey before whiting out.  My sincere thanks to Kristi Waters for making Bugatti--with his extensive list of show accomplishments--available to the small breeder!  Photos of Bugatti are included with Burlesque's slide show, photos of her dam are above.