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We are a small farm located half-way between Seattle, WA and Portland, OR with easy access to I-5.  My breeding philosophy is to breed what I want in a horse, not necessarily what's popular in the show-ring.  To this point, I've concentrated on linebred *El Shaklan for substance as well as pretty.  We are young in our venture and are always seeking to expand--both in our pedigree lines and our friendship with others who share the same passion.  Find us on Facebook or a variety of Arabian horse forums under the name "cvm2002".  As a veterinarian, Dina Wild, DVM has the unique capacity to manage your mare or help you through the breeding and foaling process.
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In loving memory of Mrs. Gari Dill-Marlow, who passed away
 December 4, 2012.  She is pictured here with her stallion Antham (*Rushan x WN Sharazada), whom she entrusted to Wild Side Arabians upon her passing.  Gari was a kind soul who loved to laugh.  I can distinctly remember zipping around Sacramento in her little Miata, nearly disrupting traffic because we were laughing so hard at some mundane piece of conversation.  Actually, I remember EXACTLY what we were discussing, but for politeness sake, I shall not repeat it!  :)  Gari--more than anything else--loved talking to people about the Arabian Horse breed.  She was a wealth of information and had the innate ability to tell you exactly about your horse's personality, likes & dislikes based solely on pedigree, having never actually met the animal.   

Gari and I initially met online on one of several discussion forums.  She shared her knowledge of the breed, I shared my veterinary knowledge and along the way we became friends.  I greatly respected her and her magnificent stallions, *Rushan and Antham and when I decided to breed my mare Baskette, those 2 stallions were the only options acceptable.  She taught me the critical value of the tail-female line of the pedigree, and thus my decision to breed to Antham rather than his sire.  Having met WN Sharazada, there really was no question on whom to breed to.

Once we were "related" with the impending foal, we conversed much more frequently.  As her illness progressed, I take comfort in knowing that my updates with Wolf's antics (Requiem WSA, the resulting colt) brought her some degree of happiness.  Gari, wherever you are, may you continue to watch over and inspire us all.  Additional photos of Antham may be seen on the stallion page, and of Wolf on the gelding page.
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